About Us

Tentang Kami

Queenfireworks Management, is created to make a better arrangement of time, formal and non formal activity of our artist : Syaharani, all together with her creativity ideas including recording project Syaharani & Queenfireworks and other project in the future, also performing session with musicians fellows. This web is a valid information from us, to all of you, including the links of youtube and social media.

Products :

  1. Syaharani
  2. ESQI:EF (Syaharani & Queenfireworks) Recording project, live performance - Pop , Ballad, Soul, Jazz, Bluess, Fusion.
  3. As partner business management for : R2 (ERDUA) - Disco with Roedyanto (Emerald).
  4. EVIVA - ecletic hitz of all time performing band.


  1. Queenfireworks as a music and performing and concept.
  2. Music project recording production, song writing, lyric writing and live performance.
  3. Queenfireworks as merchandise / brand.
    Very limited amount of souvenir such as door-tag, pin and T-shirt, dedicated to music lovers. Designed marvelously by our designer partner.
  4. Graphic design and web design, typology.